These photos were taken on February 16th, 2020 near my apartment in San Marcos California. The subject in my photos is my roommate named Depeng Fang aka Alan, and he posed as model to capture these photos. Alan is wearing a casual fit but also meant for the story. The Triptych shows Alan stressed, then reflecting to himself by zoning out realty with music. He then takes steps to figure out whats next in his life. For the Diptych series, I wanted the audience to connect his head to his feet to show who Alan is and why he is.

Ways of Seeing

On February 9th, 2020 I walked around Lake Arrowhead Village with my camera shooting whatever I thought seemed interesting. It was a very gloomy and cold day. I shot 16 different ways of composition and gave them a low saturated edit. All the people in the photos are complete strangers. Tried to get different angles of buildings and of people minding their own business. It was great experiencing different ways of shooting which I will use in my future photos. The reason why I took these phots is to expand my photography skills and for class.

Yo! It's me Jay

My name is Jason Andrade and I am a second year at Cal State San Marcos studying Arts, Media and Design. I was born and raised in Lake Arrowhead, California. I love taking my creativity into creating new videos, photos and just life in general. My goals in this class is to learn how to be more professional when dealing with photography and just have a great time expanding my knowledge and skills with digital photography.

Visuals Cause Change

After listening to the video about National Geographic photography, it felt like I was listening to a podcast talking about how powerful photography was. It was still very motivational and inspiring listening to the artists speak about photography. However, when I listened and viewed the video at the same time it gave me a different feel to it. It showed photos while they were speaking about how powerful photography was and it made their words give more meaning to them. The photos and the words came together and made a story which led to more emotion. It is very amazing what amazing photos can do to visually please the human brain and cause change.

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